Cambridge 340a and Monitor Audio RS6?


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Hi All -- appreciate some guidance here.

I have the above combo using an ipod as a source in a bright room (hardwood, no floor coverings etc), and listen to everything from jazz to country to rock.

I find the setup can sound a little thin, and lacking in the warmth that I crave - particularly at low listening volume. While it is miles better than anything I have had before, I still wonder if there is a better amp for the job (still in the "budget" price range).

For practical reasons (i.e. the wife) the room set up and source isn't going to change -- but I would appreciate any thoughts on a better pairing for these speakers (such as 320bee? arcam 65+?? etc)

Changing the speakers is a consideration, but not as desirable (they look goooooooood).


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I would think the amp is fine but your playback source is not fine. It could be that the files that you are playing on your ipod are to much compressed.

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Thanks for the comments. I agree that the ipod and room treatment are less than ideal, however as mentioned they are not going to change for now -- what I need is a setup that maximizes the potential of these conditions.
I have heard that Arcam and NAD are warmer sounding that CA -- I have also heard that the amp is secondary to sound and I should change the speakers first. I hope someone hear has faced a similar situation and found a remedy.

Thanks again.

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BFB has a good starting point in mind, Colin.
Have you tried some music in Apple 'lossless' format?
It may be quite revealing.

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I actually just got back from the HiFi Centre here in Vancouver -- discussed my problem with them and they said first thing I should do is get a better interconnect from ipod to amp before I look at an amp change. They recommended a Tributary DCY-P?? Said that would provide a much better signal than the stock cable that came with my Kensington dock.

I will look into the apple lossless -- I have not tried anything in that format as I heard that there is not a big difference between 192 kbps and lossless. Is this not the case?

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