Cambridge 340 vs 640 headphone output issue


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i have here both a cambridge 340 and 640 amp, first i got the 340 but after that i decided the 640 sounded a bit better so i got it anyway (i'm either crazy or spoiled). I like my headhones a lot (sennheiser HD280). But when i listen to the 640 through the phones, it sounds lower than the 340, even when the volume knob is at the exact same position, 12 oclock). I would expect of course the 640 to have a higher 'output', because it's bigger and better and 75 watts vs 40 watts from the 340. Is that normal, or is the 640 supposed to sound louder through my phones? The 340 is 2 months old now, so i'ts already broken in, the 640 is 3 weeks old. Is it a matter of breaking in or isit just that the headphone stage of the 340 is better than the one of the 640?

Thank you in advance for your expertise.

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Headphones are not driven off the main power amplifier. They are run from a headphone amplifier which has only a few watts at best. The sensitivity of the one headphone amp is apprently lower than the other.

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