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I have a yamaha 5590, I currently have jbl hl620 for my surround sound, I am looking at the synergy series from klipsh, warfdale dimond 8.4, athena tower speakers, and jbl s3811. I am looking for better dialoge reproduction, and the best sound stage out of these speakers. also how big of a difference does a rating of sensitvity mean to the speakers will a higher rating really be a noticeable difference. if it does make a difference 2dbs is this really a big deal. ps any help would be great thanks

You've hit upon some great home theater speaker systems. You cant't go wrong with any of them. 2db difference in sensetivity will be easily detected as a speaker being louder and mentally clearer. That doesn't make it better, just louder.

Unfortunatly, you are going to have to audition the speakers and choose the one you like best. Take some CDs and DVDs you know well. I have found music from Basia to be very revealing for clean dialogue and grundgy mid-bass. Take Saving Private Ryan with you too.

Hope this helps.

If you do consider Klipsch, would recommend the reference series over the Synergy. particularly RF-3.. Though I own one Myself, the Athenas i would consider as an alternate to this. But as derek mentioned they are all great, so let your ear do the recomendation

i saw the athena spearks at a few websites. I have never heard much about them, but you say they are good quality?

I have read reviews and experienced the athena afs2 speakers in BestBuy and they sound phenominal. The sound they produce in BestBuy I'm sure has no justice as to the accoustics in a home theatre environment. Place these next to the Klipsch rf-3's and there is no difference. The Athena's have an impressive response, warranty, and price tag. If you do go with the rf-3's please shop around online first, as I have found them for the same price as the Athena's. Also, the reciever they use at BestBuy is a great match; they use the Yamaha htr-5660. One thing you cannot beat is BestBuy's 4 year extended warranty on any pair of speakers for an additional 40 bucks. This also covers driver damage, which no manufacturer warranty covers !

don't believe the extended warranty claims for the "extra 4 years" from best buy service plan unless you plan on fighting them on it. regardless of what you read, best buy claims the warranty starts the day you purchase the plan, not the day the manufacturer warranty expires.

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I would second that last post on the warranties. Unless you have a delicate purchase, extended warranties are the biggest racket around. The sellers clear more money off of the warranties than they do the actual product.

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just a note on the best buy warranty, i was told 4 years total buy the girl. ONE week later i blew the subwoofer, took it back they didn't ask me 1 question, gave me a new one it took all of ten minutes. so was the 40 dollars worth it, to me it was. It would cost at least that much to ship back to the manufacturer plus all the hassel. best 40 bucks i spent in a while. plus i still have 3years 51 weeks to go, grin!!!

i can tell you, on somethings the 4 years starts from day 1. on speakers it starts after the manufactures warranty most of the time, i work there and have a 9 year warranty on my JBL stuff, CAN'T BEAT THAT!

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I got the Athena FS2 after many months of listening at bestbuy and comparing to klipsch and others (and paradigm)..
I think the athenas are the best 9they even have the signature ofthe senior designer on their back, a famous canadian acoustics engineer :-) I like that)



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"i work there and have a 9 year warranty on my JBL stuff, CAN'T BEAT THAT!"

Well you can always purchase higher quality speakers like Von Schweikert's that come with a ten year tranferable warranty from the factory.
Then again, I could not see myself owning the same pair for 5 years, let alone 10. The upgrade bug would kick in long before that.
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