Help!! Sony HTIB setup w/o manual



I bought a Sony HTIB with a STR-K740P receiver and it was open box, hence no user manual. For anyone who own a sony HTIB you know their menus make little sense. So, I want to use an optical cable (I already bought it) and now it works off of the analog cable in PROLOGIC (not bad but come on I paid for DTS and DD). I have a sony DVD player I already set it to bitstream also known as DD/PCM and tried to select the input but it only come with up with coax, anlog or auto detect. Oh I also set the the mode button to Auto DEC. (why sony thinks it should be called auto December I don't know) but it only plays out of the main and the sub.

Any way can someone tell me how to do this right or how to get a copy of the user manual (the website doen't have one). By the way the people who have been doing the Sony website for the last five years should be shot, it sucks.


waiting for digital

My Sony DVD manual states that:
When you select a surround mode,the player does not output the Dolby Digital singnals from the DIGITAL OUT OPTICAL or COAXIAL connector if you set "DOLBY DIGITAL" in "AUDIO SETUP" to "D-PCM".

Thanks but now I'm more confused.

The Sony DVD player I'm user has only two options "PCM" or "DDigital/PCM" that's it. The output from the DVD and the output from the Sony PS2 I used are useing optical, with the PS2 set to DTS and DD output and the receiver seems to have some sort of problem decoding it. Oh, one thing I saw that I want to confirm is that Sony receivers have problem with optical when set to DVD function, the only option apperently is coaxial. And if I want to use optical I have to set it to another fucntion. Can anyone confirm this?

Hence how to I set all this just up?

If anyone has the time can you give me a basic step by step?

Thanks again

Le Duke


I need a strde-945 sony receiver in PDF format,
my hosekeepr lost it.
my email:
God bless de goog soul them will help me!!

Thank´s guy!!
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