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I'm looking to put together a small system of separates strictly for music. So 2 channel is really all I'm interested in.

The room is an average size great room (20X15 with vaulted ceiling). Power-wise I'm thinking I can make do with anything from a 60wx2 up to 150wx2.

I'm running to an older dbx brand satellite/subwoofer combo, and may be moving my 1978 vintage Bose Studio Monitors into that room eventually depending on how things sound.

I mainly listen to country, classic rock, bluegrass, and some acoustic guitar. Because of the bluegrass and acoustic guitar listening I would like an amp that produces as clean a sound as I can get. Price is a factor however and so I'm looking at used and possibly some "vintage" stuff.

My questions are:

Used I've been surveying mainly Carver and Adcom because it seems there are a lot of those to choose from and the price is very affordable. One or the other I should consider to be a better maker? Models I should look for or avoid? Other makers I should throw into the mix?

I've also seen amps from Elan, Sonance, and AMC that look like they fall into my price range and offer similar stats. Mainly the Sonance Sonamp 260, the Elan Z300, and the AMC 2100. Are these worth considering?

Thank you gentlemen for any help or info you can provide! And I'm sure I'll be begging for advice in the pre-amp and possibly the tuner sections as well!!

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I started a thread under amps that details the results of me refurbishing my Carver M-4.0t amp. The thread is "Hierarchially Upgrading My Components". Not so much to tout Carver but to give you a sense to the benefits of refurbishing vintage gear should you go that route.

What is your budget?
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