A Major Audio Blunder....man did I screw up!


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I shared this experience on two other forums, and I also wanted to share it with you guys/gals.

I really screwed up, but I was extremely fortunate and lucky! It could have been a disaster!

On Tuesday, I commited the most ridiculous, boneheaded blunder. I was really hating myself for it.

I can't believe I didn't blow my (Wharfedale Opus 2 )speakers up and destroy them completely.

On Monday, the frame of my eye glasses broke, so I had to go pick out new frames and get a new prescription. They won't be ready till later today.

This morning I couldn't find my spares. It seems my two and half year old son sneaked into my bedroom, while I was still sleeping and took them to play with. When I woke up I searched around the house, but couldn't find them.

Anyway, about 11:30 AM I wanted to put my Vincent SA-T1 Pre Amp back in my system, as I had been testing my BAT VK-3i Pre Amp to make sure it still works fine. The SA-T1 is the Pre Amp I normally use, in this system.

Well, while I was changing my Pre Amps out, is when I screwed up.

I accidently hooked the Pre Amp Output [Record], instead of utilizing the standard Outputs.

Without my glasses I didn't see things correctly.

A friend of mine lent me his Ayre System Enhancement Disc ( Irrational, But Efficacious), so I could see if I notice any difference in my system.

I pressed my remote for the "Full Glide Tone" (Track seven) and went out side for a minute or two to do something. Well, roughly a minute later the wife comes running outside to tell me my system is making an incredibely loud, strange sound. I came back in and my woofers on my Wharfedale Opus 2 were pumping in and out like crazy. I couldn't find the remote for the CD Player and I didn't want to get any closer to the speakers, for fear of hurting my ears. After roughly another 30 seconds or two, I found the remote. I tried to turn the volume down but that didn't work. The volume does not work at all when outputting from the "Output Record". So I hit stop.

All together my speakers (my amp and pre amp ) was pumping this Glide Tone out at extremely high volumes (full gain), for roughly 2 - 2 and a half minutes.

God, I felt like a major idiot

Afterwards I realized what I had done with the outputs and corrected them.

There doesn't appear to be any audible damage as the speakers and system in general are playing fine now. The speakers sound fine.

Well, it appears that ( at least from what the tech at Wharfedale said) thanks to the high quality of my Butler Audio TDB2250 amplifier, my speakers were saved from destruction.

He felt if my amp had clipped, the drivers on my Opus 2 would have been destroyed.

A true testament to the amazing design and overall quality of the Butler TDB 2250!!! Thank god for Butler Audio!!!

I also don't think I can discount the quality and durability of my Opus 2 speakers, in this blunder.

Obviously, in this blunder the Opus 2 proved themselves to be a quality design which is rugged and capable of handling an extreme amount of abuse. Considering how much I love their sound, this only further reinforces my admiration for these speakers, their quality and their design.

I am very fortunate to have escaped this blunder without any damage.

P.S. For the record I noticed no audible difference in my system, whatsoever; after playing the Ayre System Enhancement CD. Nor did my friend.

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The audio Gods(and quality purchsing) are shining in the Tree household, no doubt.
Laser surgery, man, Laser surgery.
A pat on the bottom for your little one, too.
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