Not enough component problem


I have a Samsung 42" HDTV, with only 2 component inputs, 1 1080i/480p and 2 1080i/480p/480i input. I'm trying to hook up an Xbox/Ps2/DVD player all through component. I know im one short, but i dont know what to do other than some sort of component video switching receiver? The xbox works fine on 2, but the ps2 wont work on 1 because it doesn't do 480p. Can i just get a cheap Receiver like the JVC RX-6030VBK, it has 2 in one out component switching. I dont know if it would meet the bandwith req. Will this give me the one extra port i need, even if it means doing some button switching to get to that input?

You MAY be able to build something cheap. I have seen some of these A/V switchers (Radio Shack and sells them with up to 8 inputs.) designed for L, R audio and composite video used for component video. It is, after all, simply three RCA jacks. I haven't been inside one but I would imagine that the worst thing you would have to do is bypass a few impedence matching resisters.

Hope this helps.
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