DTS decoding with Sony STRDE675 & JVC XV-S65GD


I am having trouble getting my Sony receiver to decode the DTS signal. I am wondering if my unit is not set up correctly. Nothing in either manual helps. I am using the optical input from the JVC DVD, but when I select DTS from the audio setup on supported DVDs, I get the 'PCM 48 kHz' message on the front of the Sony. The DTS indicator is comes on the JVC player. The blue indicator does not light up on the Sony as it does when DD5.1 is being decoded. Any ideas? Also, any prefference to either DD or DTS? I would like to hear, or try to hear the difference.

Greg Blakeney

Sounds like your DVD player is not set-up properly. Go to the set-up audio menu on the players main menu choose DTS then choose DTS on the receiver and the particular movie your watching. If your receiver does not play try chossing PCM on both or either one till you get sound. The key is in the DVD players setting if it's not set to DTS it will not decode the sound.
DTS rules. Hope this helps.

Yea, you've got to go to the set-up menu of your dvd player and find the "audio output selection" options. Then, you've got to change it's audio output from "PCM", to "bitstream". Dolby Digital, and DTS, operate on this codec scheme and you have to manually activate it. Also, since DTS uses a higher data bandwidth rate it naturally sounds better than Dolby Digital. P.S.--if your processor lacks a DTS decoder don't switch the dvd audio output to "bitstream" as it could elicit digital "noise" that can fry your system.--johnnyjb59@aol.com
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