Sound's getting muddy... please help


when i first hooked up my denon avr1603 and my JBL s38iis, i was really impressed how good of a system so little an amount of money could get me. but as i've been listening (for about two weeks now), it seems like the seperation isn't there, and the bass is getting a little muddy. I've also been able to pick out some very light crackling in my music cds. it seems like the dvd audio is coming thru much better. i was wondering if i'm imagining these things. i was also wondering if i could have some how damaged my speakers. i heard it's easy to blow speakers with an underpowered reciever (it's 80 watts). anyone have any idea what could be going on? am i just getting used to the sound quality, and picking out things that aren't really there? I'm connected with an optical wire. also, should i change my speaker wire? i'm using fluexed (+/- twisted around one another) monster cable with gold plated banana plugs, but i have 12 gauge wire i could use. thanks, sorry so long.

also, the sound is much clearer when there isn't as much going on. this is leading me to believe that maybe its the tweeter b/c distortion is only heard with really high highs (but could that just be the reciever?)

With those problems(weak bass,not enough seperation in music passages) it would seem to me your amp is not very powerful,but if its 80 watts per channel RMS,that shouldn't be the problem.As long as you have the speaker wire run correctly(black is neg ,red is pos)i wouldn't think that would be a problem.Is there any bad reviews about that reciever,maybe a bad unit?Only thing I can think of.
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