Technics or Sony?


Trying to decide between buying Technics SA-DX950 and Sony STR-DE 475. Any real difference in sound quality?

Sarandon Johnson
Bill stay away from both of them!!
Go with Yamaha, or Denon, or Pioneer Elite!!!

I agree! Technics and Sony are just plain awful. Spend a little more and get something much better from Pioneer Elite, Nad, Marantz, Onkyo or Harmon/Kardon. I would not recommend either Denon or Yamaha. To bright sounding for most speaker systems.


I would also agree that your two choices are among the worst brands available for home audio. What do you want to spend and what speakers do you have? With a little more info, we can give you more guidance.

Hold on a moment!

What's the date of the original post?

Sarandon keeps bringin back old posts!

Cain Puki
yeah, but what did Bill buy?
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