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I am an absolute beginner trying to assemble a good stereo system on a limited budget. I am primarily interested in good music over home theatre and so far plan to purchase the following components, but need advice from the forum.

NAD C720BEE stereo receiver (already purchased)
NAD C542 CD player (already purchased)
NAD C272 or C372 amplifier (help needed)
Axiom M80 v2 (to purchase)
Axiom M3 v2 (help needed)
Belkin PureAV PF60 power console (already purchased)
SilverSonic T-14 speaker cables (need help)
SiverSonic BL-1 series II interconnects (need help)
Purist Audio Burn-in CD (need help)
XLO Test and Burn-in CD (need help)
Salamander Synergy audio tower (need help)

I plan to use the M80s for stereo and the M3s laying on their sides as a poor man's center speaker for the TV using the AB switch on the NAD receiver. Is this crazy? Would I be better off with with a center channel speaker? I may want to use the M3s later in a bedroom/office system.

I am clueless as to the difference between an integrated amp and a stereo amp. Would either work with the equipment I listed? Would the C272 be a better choice for stereo? If I eventually upgrade from a receiver to a separate preamp and tuner, would the C272 be better?

Any suggestions regarding the cables and interconnects? Is this overkill or not enough?

Any ideas on burn-in CDs? Any recommendations on reference music that would show the quality of the stereo over different ranges and classes of music?

Any recommendations on the Salamander Synergy audio tower (single 40)? Would sides, a door and a back on this tower cause the audio components to overheat?

Would I be able to connect a NAD phonograph to the system listed or is a preamp necessary?

Thanks for the answers. You guys are the best.

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One more question. How do you pronounce NAD? Is it NAD (with each letter spoken)like SAT or nad like tad?

Yep, I had to ask. Thanks.

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It's N-A-D. Though some people like to say nad to sound "cool".

With a stereo receiver, you have no convenient way to wire a center channel speaker. In a typical HT system, the center speaker carries slightly different program material than eitehr the front left or right speaker. Therefore, an HT system has a dedicated center channel which your system lacks.

Actually, I probably wouldn't worry about a center channel unless you have an odd set up. If the two front speakers do a credible job of projecting a stereo image bewteen the two speaker cabinets, you have little need for a center unless someone normally sits far off to one side. In that case, they will hear the stereo speaker closest to them and loose some of the information from the far channel. A center channel would help localize the sound at the TV screen - but only if you have a center channel output as you would find on a HT receiver. If you can place your speakers equally distant from the TV screen (about 7 or 8 feet between the two speakers), and no one sits far off to one side, try the system without a center speaker. You can spend more money later.

You already have an amplifier built into your receiver and do not require another one yet. There are several ways to gain the bit of knowledge required to correctly indentify a stereo amp from an integrated amp. One is to place "audio glossary" into a search engine and pull up several sites which give you brief definitions of terms found in audio.

You're more than likely fine on cables for now.

There's a thread under "speakers" on this forum which contains some suggestions for demo material. Which CD you choose is up to what you like to hear. I personally wouldn't spend any money for a "burn-in" CD. Decent music should do just fine for now. You can spend more money later.

Most racks are open for a reason. Other than heat build up, which is easy to deal with, they will resonate just as the box they become when you add sides and a back. Keep the rack open for the best sound.

I don't know your receiver, so I can't answer your question regarding adding a turntable. But, remember, you will spend more money later.


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Thanks for your help, Jan. It is much appreciated.
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