Please help! Receivers, receivers, receivers...


Ok -- I've checked through the postings, but have yet to really come across my specific advice needs.
I'm revamping my system and want a new audio/video surround receiver... I've looked around and have narrowed it down, but now I'm stuck:
Marantz SR7300
Harman Kardon AVR525
Rotel RSX1055
NAD T572
and then there's an Arcom....

So -- which should I get? They're all around the same price -- $1200 or less. All have varying features. Which is a great brand? Which should I stay away from? Sadly -- for some reason, I'm not a big fan of Denon, Yamaha, or Onkyo -- you can correct me if I'm wrong there -- it's more personal preference than anything else. I'm sure those are good machines too.
Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks much.

And by the by -- don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm running a full boat of B&W speakers. Thanks again for any and all help...

As to your dislike of Yamaha, you may want to take another look. I have a Yamaha, and as all the reviews say, they are the best for movies. While their music capabilities were not the best in the past, I hear that they have made great strides to get their CD levels on an even par with their DVD performance. If they can do that, then no one can beat a Yamaha. I'm upgrading to the RX-V1300 from the RX-V795 - I'll let you know.

You can't go wrong with the RSX1055.

Thanks for the input everyone -- I actually took the plunge and ended up getting the Harman Kardon AVR525... hopefully I won't regret it... You're definitely right about the Yamaha -- I've done some research SINCE ordering the HK and they're definitely rated very well. In fact, I bought my mother a nice Yamaha receiver several years ago & it's lasted her for quite some time. In fact she loves it, but she's no audiophile... sadly... very sadly... I ended up going for the HK because not only does it seem to get good reviews everywhere I look, but it also LOOKS good. Don't hate me. I was actually leaning towards the Marantz or Rotel, but the Rotel wasn't versatile enough for me & the Marantz, while rated very high, still seemed to get complaints from people regarding speaker hiss. So there it is. Thanks again for your input. I was also wrong about Onkyo, by the way -- very good machines as well.
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