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i have a denon avr-1603 wired to JBL s38ii's. i've noticed the volume level varies greatly from cd to cd, and dvds are much quieter (even though i play my cds through my dvd player). is this normal? also, i'm using monster speaker wires to connect them, it's the type that is spun around itself in a plastic casing (to reduce noise), but they don't seem very thick. i'm only running them 7ft, but was wondering if i'm better off using a thicker gauge to ensure my speakers are getting the most power...

Yes its normal,its because each different CD or DVD is mixed differently,according to the tastes of the record engineer.Most DVDs are mastered pretty much the same because the same companies mix the DVDs,it changes volume mainly due to what is being depicted onscreen.
CDs are more likely to have wide ranges in audio output because there are alot of places that record music,and the engineers have greater influence on the audio output.
You shouldn't have any problems with monster speaker wire,since you only are running them a short distance.I would only be concerned if during quiet passages you hear buzzing or noises that aren't part of the CD.
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