Receiver not receiving digital sound


Help! I Don't think I'm getting digital sound with my digital cable box. My setup is follows: Dvd optical to Denon 3803 receiver, Dvd S-video to T.V.(t.v. does not have component and has 1 s-video imput) receiver to T.V. via audio/video cables. Digital cable box is connected through T.V (cable company set it up). When I play HBO and Showtime movies etc... my Denon receiver only lights up as analog signal on face panel. The only time I receive a digital signal is when I play DVD'S. Can anyone tell me If my hookup needs to be changed or A'm I missing a connection from the cable box to the receiver. P.S. The back of my digital cable box has audio/video imputs with 1 s-video imput. Help please!

Your cable box may have digital reception but it may not have digital [Audio] output. There should be a black or orange RCA connector labled "SPD/I", "PCM", "AC-3" or "Digital Audio" out. You will need a cable (optical or coaxial) running from this jack to one of the digital jacks on the Receiver...


You must assign that output to one of your Receiver's inputs using the Receiver's setup.

Use "TV" and press the "Input Mode" button and the receiver should switch from Analog to Digital - I am basing this on my 1801. If it says "Analog Only", try using "VCR-2".

Hope this helps.

sounds like my setup.Digital picture but analog audio output.Plug the rca plugs into your reciever and use the s-video plug from the cable box to your reciever.You won't get digital audio,but will get dolby pro logic.It sucks but unless you have a high end cable box,thats the best you can do.And most channels don't broadcast in anything better than dolby pro logic anyway.
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