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Hello, I have decided to upgrade my old aiwa "digital audio system" to something of more quality. I am a musician and have a desire to hear as much detail in a recording as possible and I found myself spending more and more time wearing headphones than trusting what's coming out my speakers right now. The music I listen to is jazz (gypsy jazz for example, which is acoustic and very dynamic) and rock - nothing heavy. My main source will be an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard and lossless formats. The room is maybe 18 m^2. I will be listening at low-medium levels as I have neighbors. The amps I have chosen to audition are:

1. NAD 320BEE - good price and reviews
2. NAD 352 - higher price, but is the difference in quality enough to justify it?
3. Arcam A65+ - the same price point as the 352. I'm not sure I'll be willing to spend any more than this.

Is it appropriate to ask for recommendations as to the speakers in this thread as well? I was planning to look into:

1. Monitor Audio Bronze B2
2. PSB Image B25
3. Energy C-3 -- the most costly of these, which makes them my budget's ceiling.

Which would suit my needs better? Has anyone any experience using my soundcard as a source? I don't have the opportunity here in russia to build a CD collection with my choice of music.

The other sources will be a BBK DVD player and a TV, but it is still 90% music.

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Go with the 320 and the PSBs although, I haven't listened to the Monitor brand.

You don't need the 352. You probably won't even hear the difference. NAD's products have fairly constistent sonic quality up their line, and with speakers like those, and given your volume preference, you won't need the extra juice from the 352. Sure, more is always better, but the best value is in the 320, IMO.

My good friend has this set up (both of us are musicians, too). It is a very well rounded combination, for the price. NAD and PSB are controlled by the same parent company, so it is believed that much of their line up is designed to compliment each other.

I find the sound from the speakers to be tight and controlled (maybe a bit restrained/muffled)and the highs will come through clearly. The NAD offers some warmth to the sound. You won't get a lot of bass, but as a muscician, your ears will know what to listen for. The tones will be there in the bass notes, but not have the punch. You shouldn't need speakers that will pump it into your chest.

I also have NAD and PSB in my set.

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Geoff, thank you for the patient and detailed answer.

But one look at Jan Vigne's link and I was hooked. Not to the class T -- I can't find any suppliers of the IC here in Russia.

I have started to plan a DIY solid state amp.

Thank you! For inadvertently pointing me in this direction.

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