Amp for front speakers?


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I want a amp to power my front paradigm monitor 9's. I right now am driving them from my 90watt sony reciever, and im not in the position to buy a new reciever. I dont know wheather I should get a stereo amp, or 2 mono amps, im thinking 2 mono. Im not looking at spending alot of money, but I want power, these paradigm's just scream for more drive, and I want to give it to them. Also, how will I hook them up, the raw speaker out for each channel to a mono amp to a speaker? Some prices and products would be nice. Im thinking $250 tops each amp. Thanks

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ummm $250 monos no. Look at a stereo power amp from Rotel or NAD, the NAD c272 has plenty o-power.

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My fronts are rated to 150watts rms, does taht mean anything over 150watts sent to them will damage them?

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What would the NAD C272 cost (canadian)?

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Jeff -
If you don't have a pre-out/main in loop on your receiver, you can't connect an external amp. Home amps don't have speaker level inputs like car amps.

The NAD 272 costs about $700 US, but again, is going to be useless for your application.

You mentioned $250 each for amps, for a total of $500 (I believe). The best advice I can give is to save a few dollars more and get a good intergated amp or receiver. If you're going srtictly 2 channel and don't need a tuner (radio), an integrated amp is the way to go. If you need a tuner and/or want surround sound, a receiver is the way to go.

Forget about wattage ratings on your speakers; they're almost pointless. As long as you have quality amplification, you needn't worry.

For integrated amps, NAD, Rotel, and Marantz make some very good ones and would be a considerable upgrade from your current receiver, even though they may have less power on paper. These companies rate their power honestly, unlike Sony and the rest of the mass market products.

The above listed companies also make stereo receivers. Harman/Kardon makes a very good stereo receiver, as does Outlaw. I haven't heard either one, but they are reputable companies that get very good reviews.

All of these products sound different from one another. The best bet is to go to a few hi-fi shops and hear them. Outlaw is an internet direct company, so you won't be able to find it in a store.

Personally, I think NAD and Rotel will probably best pair up with your speakers, but which one depends on taste. The NAD 320BEE and entry level Rotel have suffecient power to drive them, although the next models up in their respective lines will do a better job. The 320BEE and entry level Rotel cost under $500 US, and I have no idea what the Canadian prices are. The next steps up are a little more money, but worth it if you can save up and swing them.
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