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Lets talk about where there are some good forums for audio electronics, the actual building of electronics and speakers. Know of any?

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Thanks. I'm going to check it out now.

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you beat me to it.....

I have been skulking around recently, trying to enhance my knowledge of how to build stuff or mod equipment.

It is really quite perverse in fact, since I only really do this to increase my knowledge of what's really important and what is bogus in terms of hifi design.

I really do not want to persist with this diy hifi hobby, since it is extremely labour intensive. I have on my PC numerous speadsheets, populated with component values, tolerance, voltage ratings, physical dimensions, and general notes.

I also have numerous service manuals, since these are always my starting point when commencing a mod program, and also have free software that allows you to draw a schematic, and indeed if necessary layout a PCB, that can be sent elctronically to someone who will build a small batch quantity of your PCB.

I use this as part of my process when selecting replacement/upgrade parts for my "upgrade projects".

It is for me a really draining process, but to date I still have un-answered questions which is still driving me onwards.

Also modding equipment is really dirt cheap, in terms of the cost of parts versus the sonic benefits. But, were I to price in my hours at the rate of a reasonable technician, the cost would work out to be astronomical!!!!

I still have a number of projects in the pipeline, but when they are done, and I feel that the learning experience/ my curiosity has been satisfied, I think I will devote my energies to money making activities.

That way I can just simply buy the equipment that meets my performance expectations.

BTW: As an aside I had an interesting phone conversation and an email exchange with the designer of the Origin Live tonearms, and Rega Mods. I will post more in my thread on the LP12/RB250. I am not sure I understood the technicalities of what was said, but he kept it simple for me and offered some good common sense advice to me. Also what he was saying to me did pass my in-build personal credibility filters.

As usual always a pleasure to read your erudite commentary.......


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Thanks Ravinder and Jan. I've registered with diyaudio. There is also one connected with Madisound.

Lets keep this going, see if people know of any more.
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