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Dear All,

I'm planning to upgrade my cables and I need your all expert suggestions. I have Nad Pre 162/272. and B&W 602S3 speakers.. I have Nad 542 CDP. and I'm using Van Dun Hull Mark D103 cable from CDP to the Pre 162. now I want to get a cable between my Pre to Power. (Now I'm using a cheapy cable) I like warm smooth crisp should. (Which I'm getting at least 75% I guess) but I want to make it more smooth and crisp. and for the speakers I'm using Monster cables with Monster Banana connectors, I also wanted you all to throw some light to change my speaker cables as well, I'm tight on beget and I wanted to get best bang for the buck. and I have limited choice in the place where I live. I can get AudioQuest/VDH and some of other brands....
Any Advices please...

Thx in Advance

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Anybody out there.... with any recomandations please....

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I'm using Audioquest cables with my NAD C372 and C542 player. AQ King Cobra from CD to the pre-in, and an AQ jumper in the pre-out to amp-in position. This combination gives me a significant improvement in detail and sound stage over "cheapy" interconnects.

As for speaker cables, I've had good results with Kimber Kable. Even their lower end cables are quite good in my opinion.

Your other choice is home made, DIY cables. You might try to follow one of several receipes for interconnect and speaker cables that are available on the Internet. Try a Google search on "DIY" and "speaker cable" or "interconnect cable".

Understand, that even though your CD player and preamp/amp are similar to what I am using, with cables (or any component for that matter), your results may still be quite different, either because you are running different speakers, or the combination just doesn't work well with your room acoustics, or your preference is just different.

Good Luck

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Here's a few options:

Good luck, Dave

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Is Chord Co in your area? They make excellent cables.

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