Kenwood 6070 - assignable optical inputs?


Just bought a Kenwood vr6070. It has 3 optical inputs, but only 1 has a video input for switching. the other 2 don't. the dvd input is set up for a coax connection. the problem is i have a playstation 2 and a directv receiver, each only with optical outs. i want to set this up for video switching, but it doesn't seem possible since the dvd only seems to allow a coax connection.

Anyone know if there's some trick to assigning the optical inputs? or is it just impossible? my past experience was with a $200 jvc, and even it allowed you to assign the digital inputs. is it possible that a $500 (retail) unit doesn't?

Greg Lee
I count two optical inputs, both with associated video switching: Video3, CD/DVD. There is no way to assign the optical inputs.

Are you sure you need the receiver to do video switching? Perhaps you can change the TV's input mode to switch between video sources.

What types of video output do the directv and playstation have: composite, S-video, or component? If they are different, it's pointless to have the 6070 do the switching, anyhow, since the 6070 can't convert one type of signal to another.

If you wind up using Video3 for the playstation, you can still control it from the remote as the "DVD", since you can associate any remote device mode with any receiver device mode.

Rob G
the cd/dvd doesn't have video inputs. just the dvd/6ch.

both the directv and ps2 have svideo output. and my tv only has one svideo input. so i need the receiver to do the switching.

Greg Lee
Right. So far as I can tell, then, it's not possible without buying an accessory of some sort.

Rob G.
Actually, i was wrong. the cd/dvd does have an svideo input, so i've got it goin now.

but that still leaves my big question--why don't more receivers have assignable digital inputs? i mean hell, you can assign them on a $350 pioneer, so i can't imagine it's that expensive.

Greg Lee
So where is the S-video input for cd/dvd? I could only find S-video inputs for Video1/2/3, dvd6ch, and the aux input on the front.

I have no idea about the economics of engineering low end receivers. My old receiver from Radioshack at half the price of the 6070 also had assignable inputs. Maybe it's some sort of licensing issue.
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