Looking for a new receiver ($450 budget)


Al X
I need ur advices/suggestions on a new receiver. My budget is around $450. I like to get the best possible receiver within my budget. Where can I start looking? any sites? local stores? I am in Los Angeles. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Look at Pioneer and Kenwood in the under $500.

Kenwood Vr-6070 all the way!!!!but if 450$ is your budget spring for the 6060(minus 7.1 outs and THX)I am sure it would be awsome for you.

Al X
Thank you guys. I read some of the reviews on Pioneer and kenwood receivers. Pioneer VSX-D811S seemed to impress the editors the most. They rated the Pioneer VSX-D811S an 8.0 while the kenwood VR-6070 did not receive any review. This is at cnet site. Other than no phono input and onscreen display, does the pioneer VSX-D811S have any more down side? What is the THD on it? I'm mainly going to use it for movies. Thanks in advance.


I would suggest the Onkyo HT-S650. I have it for my sound system and I just love it. Ebay has it for pretty cheap.

The Pioneer Has "6 channel 7.1" in other words it has 2 channels for one mono channel kind of like pro-logic 1. The Kenwood has THX Select and more. although the Pioneer is 200.00 cheaper...but if you want reviews on both the 811s and the 6070 go to www.audioreview.com thats where i do all my comparison shopping (I was looking at the Kenwood VR-6070 the JVC RX-8020vbk and the Pioneer VSX-D811S) P.S. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE GUY ON CNET HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT.G.DawG

O ya I forgot to say I liked the sound of the Kenwood better than the JVC or the Pioneer, the kenwood had a cleaner warmer sound. The JVC had horrible sound for music and the Pioneer had a lack of bass response but had a warm sound too but it wasnt as worm as the Kenwood and it wasnt as detailed. Hope That Helps!

i have the kenwood 6070 and so far i have two mirage 60's hooked up to it, i can say that the music playback in stereo sounds good :) (no money for rest of speakers yet)

you can find the kenwood 6070 for 428.99 if you find a store that has them in stock, or order them online.
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