Receiver or DVD player the problem?


Bryan Jones
I Recently purchashed a receiver and speakers (Panasonic SA-HE200 and DefTech 80's)to complete my modest home theater system. We already had a Sony NC615 DVD player. My problem is that the sound occasionally drops out for a second or so while playing movies and cd's. Doesn't seem to matter on the mode the receiver is in (DD, DPL II). If I replay the same scene, sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes not.

In the past when we had the DVD player connected directly to the TV we had the occasional freeze frame type glitch but, this seems to be different. I'm using a digital coax connection between the two pieces of equipment.

Any opinions on whether the player or receiver is at fault? If the receiver is the problem I want to haul it back to Circuit City before my 30 days are up.

I don't know your receiver but my Denon has a "Lock" LED and if there is any interuption of the digital bitstreem, that light will go out. Does you receiver have a light like that?

Try going analog. As a test watch the same movies in prologic (with the digital cable disconnected). If the dropouts stop, its the receiver. If they continue, its the disks or DVD player.

Hope this helps...
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