i'm a rookie to this whole home theater set up and would like to know people's opinion on
both the:
Rxv 3300 and the value of yamaha's power, dsp, floating lsi chip technology

vs the benefits of
Dtr 7.3 and upconversion and ethernet connection

1. which will give me the most for my money in terms of music and video and is most versatile

2. which is most future compatible and will last for a very long time

3. benefit of an rs 232 port
please help

oh yeah, what budget speaker package do you guys recommend?

what do you think of klipsch synergy with either of these receivers?

David B.
Yamaha is great equipment, I have the RX-V3000 and it's been an awesome addition to my A/V setup. Yamaha gives you alot of Bang for the Buck.
RS-232 is for remote Zone 2 control, only useful if you have a big house really.
Klipsch makes very good speakers, for some 2 bright, it's a personal preferance thing. Listen to them in a demo session against other compareable speakers. If you can fit it in you budget I would recommend the Reference Line over the Synergy.
Hope this helps

s dave
thanks for your advice
i'mreally leaning towards the yamaha now, but am debating mirage omni 250b speakers vs the klipsch

Look at Energy Take 5.2 speakers. Great reveiws on-line.

I listened to these and for the price ........WOW!!!! They sounded great. I bought them and will be installing soon at my house.

The Klipsch are much more powerful speaker than the mirage. The sensitivity of the klipsch run around 100 db, the mirage I believe were around 89 db. You get alot more power out of your amp with the klipsch as well as, in my opinion, a crisper sound (which might be too bright to some).
I also like the punch and deep bass that the klipsch tend to have.

The 3300 is an awesome reciever, I owned one before upgrading to the Z1. At times, I had kind of regreted upgrading as the 3300 is a solid unit with alot of the same bells and whistles as the flagship model Z1.

The integra is from what little I know of it, a very nice peice of equipment. It is Onkyo's 'elite' line, and carries there best stuff!

I am running a Yamaha RX-v3300 and am considering making the move from Mission M74x4 to the M53 (F) M51 (R) M5C (Center). You might want to take a look at these.

Keith Holcomb
Yamaha RX-V3300 is a great receiver (the best buy, in my opinion). As for speakers, it is a very personal taste, but I highly recommend the Polk LSI series, along with the Polk subwoofer. They sound very natural and balanced, and compare favorably with speakers that cost many times the money (the vifa ring tweeter is tops).

Any opinions on the RX-V3300 vs. RX-V1? What are the differences?

Daniel Benatar
I have audited the Yamaha rxv3300 and the sound quality was good. This Yamaha receiver has many
setups (in addition to the standard pro logic, dts...) rocks, sports, movies... Than, I have audited the NAD T762, and... there is nothing
to compare to the Yamaha. The NAD sound quality is one of the best in the market. No many setups as the Yamaha, but very clean sound, I think that
I will go with the NAD. And will but the snell speakers as well (total cost of NAD T762 with Snell 5.1 speakers ~ &4000).
Hope that this help, Daniel

NAD 762 with Snell speakers are an awesome combo--I am very envious.

The Yamaha and the new Integra 7.3 are so different that it is almost impossible to compare them. The Integra is for people interested in distributing networked sound through a house and for using broadband connections to play internet radio, MP's, etc. The Yamaha is a standard A/V receiver--the Integra tries to one-up it by integrating NetTunes into the mix.

If you are a big computer downloader of MP3's, want to listen to Internet Radio, download MP3's and distribute the music throughout your house via ethernet, and already have broadband --you can go for the Integra. If not, why waste your money on paying for something you won't use?

I'd rather download music on an Apple IPOD and play it through my music system than screw around with the other.

There is a significant difference in sound quality from MP3's and a good CD or DVD played through good speakers. MP3's are nice in a headset or through mediocre speakers. Good speakers and good electronics will reveal MP3's and NetTune shortcomings.

But I wouldn't worry about the small different in amplification output between the Yamaha and the Integra. You can't notice it--it isn't dramatic enough.

At this price point I can certainly think of receivers I would rather have. But, if you spend a lot of time on the internet downloading music and listening to Internet Radio--try the Integra.

Sorry I'm so late in response. Yamaha 2300. I have one and I love it. As I said in previous comments, it is the quietest reciever I've owned. Plenty of power, and just about every home theater hook up you could want. I've got mine running with a set Wharfdale Diamond 8's. Great sound for movies, music, and DVD Audio listening. I'm surprised not not see everyone named Anonymous jumping down Yamaha's throat. All they seem to listen to is Nad.

What inwall speakers would you folks recommend for a 20 x 30 room, 5.1 w/ 2 subs?
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