Suggestion on Home Theater System (new at this)


Al X
I need you guys/gals suggestions on Home Theater System. I'm planning to get an home theater system but kinda undecide of what I should get. My budget is around $700. I've been reading posts on this forum and as well as others.
And I come up with these:

First Choice:
Fluance AV-HTB = $230
JBL 10" subwoofer = $200
Pioneer VSX-D811S = $285
Second Choice:
Onkyo LS-V500 = $715

What do you guys think of my 2 choices? Which is better? Or if there're any better systems that I should look into. (budget is $700)

Thank you very much!


Check out Onecall, sometimes they have very good package deals.

RB is right.

For instance, check this out:

I've heard *great* things about the NHT speakers. Onkyo receivers cause some disputes, but I'd say, if you're willing to spend a little more than $700, you can't go wrong with this system.

Al X
Thank you RB and Dave. I got a question about NHT speakers. Are they any better than the Harman Kardon HKTS 6 speakers? I found those HKTS6 speakers for $385 + Onkyo TX-SR500 receiver will end up the same price w/ that package deal at What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for the inputs.


I would go with NHTs - they make high end stuff, and they know how to make speakers. Even their lower stuffs are good buys. This setup should sound better than the onkyo LS-V500. The speakers on complete systems are usually of lower quality. A dedicated speaker company makes better speakers.
You might want to pick up a used high end receiver from denon or yamaha on the
You can see the reveiws on and bid on a high end model from these two companies. Pair them with fluance, and that should be ok too. The NHT onkyo setup is nice too.
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