NAD C370, could I go wrong?


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Hi, I am from India. Need your help friends. I dunno if this is an opportunity I should grab; a friend of mine is selling his NAD C370. Would it be good for my setup?

I have a satellite -- subwoofer setup produced in India, which I use for music listening. I know most of you will deter sat-sub for music. However, the guy producing them is very knowledgeable, audio wise, and I have faith in his products. And on auditioning various international brands like Jamo, Def Tech, PSB (all middle order models of course) bookshelves and towers, I found this product to be amazingly better sounding and priced.
The subwoofer is driven by a 60w rms power amp -- monoblocks
Presently I am using Yamaha RXV540 HTR to drive the sats. I think I made a wrong choice. I had thought of building up a 5.1 setup, but I have ended up spending 95% time listening to stereo.
I am using the Philips 931 CDP.
My room size is 18ft(L)x15ft(W)x10ft(H), has mosaic tiling on floor, bed, a unit and wardrobes. No carpet and curtains at present.

Coming back to C370, the big hitch is I cannot audition NAD C370 with my setup. The guy selling the NAD is residing in another state and the logistics would make it difficult and increase the cost too much.

Now is NAD C370 worth buying even without an audition? Would it make sense to upgrade the Yamaha to C370, without auditioning the C370?

What I perceive about the Yamaha HTR is that it is on a bit brighter side, as far as music is concerned. It is bright when playing rock music. Jazz and folk sound warm and mellow. But the amp has got a wide soundstage. The bass is alright. So what I am looking in amp upgrade is the warm sound, tonal balance, do not want excessive bass, and good soundstage . Do you think C370 is suitable for the requirements?
My sats are rated to require amp power of 30w-100w, sensitivity is 88db @ 6ohms. So I dunno the enormous power of the C370 would be utilized.
I checked out with some friends, they said the mid-range C370 was weak and the soundstage is not wide too. However, they don't own the amp.

Why am I hell bent on NAD C370? It is because the guy is selling it at a reasonable price, according to the Indian pricing standards. To equate, it is available at the price of 320BEE(new) and one-third price of C352(new).

I know the query is a too long and awkward, yet looking forward for a lot of replies.

Thank you very much!

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There's not much that's worth buying without an audition, if you are serious about your system. However, if this is such a good deal, you can probably re-sell the amp for what you have in it should it not suit your tastes.

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