Help with my reciever


I just purchesed a home theatre system yesterday. I have it all hooked up and working, and i get surround sound. I have a little problem though. If i choose DTS.... or Dolby DIgital audio on the DVD menu screen, it will play and the DTS or DOlby Digital icon will never light up on my reciever. It always says PRO LOGIC. (Its a STR-K840P receiver). I have my DVD player hooked up to the receiver via coaxial cable, and my playstation2 hooked up to the receiver via optical cable. I have tried both the dvd player and playstation2..... but my receiver always says PRO LOGIC.... even when i choose for the movie to play in DTS. any help?

Greg Lee
This happens to a lot of people. Change the output format in the DVD player's setup menu from "pcm" to "bitstream" or "raw". There should also be a setting there to enable DTS.

Thanks Man! I got it working..... i thought it was good earlier....... now its awsome! lol Thanks
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