Can i Bi-wire my speakers on Marantz PM7200


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For ur reference, the PM7200 comes with a dual monobloc amps integrated in one. It has speaker A & B options, that means i can connect 2 pair of speakers and run them simultaneously. Is it possibly to connect the A terminals to the LFE and the B to the HFE of each speaker?

Further, is there any other option like using a biwirng cable that splits into two before the terminals of the speaker? Is that really helpful?
Also, is it advisable to burn new speakers on bi-wired option or should i biwire them after they have burned?


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For sure you can use biwiring on the marantz. You can do that on any amp! The marantz is more biwiring friendly since it has two speaker pair plugs , so that you don't have to mess up everything with cables.

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Sandeep, running in the speakers can be done in either fashion. You really are loosening up the large drivers more than the highs.

How are your speakers wired now, and what speakers are you using?

Are the binding strips still on the speakers?
If so, you might consider this.
Replace the strips with speaker wire. If single wiring at first, run the + cable to the lfe+ and the - to the hfe-, with wire in the place of the strips.

Frank A gave me that one, and as he quoted, "this will make a difference. Great or small, try it."
It made a huge difference to my set-up.
I am using cheap wiring right now, so I could have run bi-wire easily. If you are using pricey wiring, this is a very good first step to explore.

Let us know!

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Thanks a lot Alf and Nuck, i am yet to get the delivery for my B&W 604 S3. i am taking this amp as a stop gap arrangement as i m a litle squeezed on my budget now and will upgrade to a tube in a couple of years. just wait till this month end, i 'll send you the pics of my setup then. u analyse and let me know the exact method of putting the speakers on the biwiring mode.

However, how would rate the Marantz CD7300? i am getting a good bargain for this over the cambridge 640v2 and the arcam cd 72 & 192 which is like priced between 40 to 70% more than this marantz. i have had an audition of this pm7200 and cd7300 combo on a lot of tallboys and was fairly impressed by their performance. Plz give ur inputs.

tell me if my whole investment will make a good buy? i might reconsider on ur suggestions for the amp and the cd player, provided it is not heavy for my budget.

anyways, i'll be sending u all the details once i have my setup in place.


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Sandeep, I think your combination looks fine, particularly if you have a good deal going on the Marantz.
The camdridge has had a lot of very good reviews, as a uni player, and several members are very enthusiastic as it plays cd's very very well.
And sacd as well.
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