Very Low Subwoofer Output on My Reciever, Any Ideas?


I own a Pioneer Elite VSX-05 and there is 2 problems with it I have, #1 I cannot hear my rear speakers(in DD or anything else for that matter) which is a MAJOR problem because Pioneer forgot to put in a Speaker Level Adjustment on the reciever is there anything I can do about his?#2 there is a VERY low subwoofer output on the sub pre-out even with my subwoofer on max volume(Jenson JS1000-a) I cannot hear it the only way I can hear it is if I turn all my speakers off and I dont really wanna be doing that when im watching a movie PLUS pioneer forgot the bass managment system AGAIN on the vsx-05 so I cannot tell my reciever I have small speakers is this receiver worth keeping or is the new vr-6060/vsx-d811s worth buying?I dont have alot of money and I would like to fix these problems with as little money as possible, THNX in advance.

still got no reply's:(... I need some answers...

I can not believe Pioneers Elite would not have bass management. I looked on their site for a manual and couldn't find a VSX-05. It must be a very old model because it wasn't even in the "older model" section. Pioneer is known for their bass management and I am supprised at the problem you are having. Check your manual again. There typically is some type of Setup, though it may not be labled "Speaker Level" or "Speaker Type". There may be additional options in there like delay and digital input assignments.

Just in case, let's look at some other options; You mentioned that there were speaker level controls on the receiver. Is there a subwoofer level or sub on/off control? Toggle it.

Is there facilities for a sequential speaker test tone? Try it all 6 speakers should sound off.

If there are no test tone facilities, is there a 6 channel analogue input? If so try plugging you cd player into each channel (we're just trying to make sure they are working here). You should here something from each speaker.

Make sure you have the rear connected to the "Rear" connections and not the "B" [second] speaker connection.

Also, I remember a lot of Pro-Logic receivers had several modes of speaker simulation like "Phantom" for creating a center channel when there was none and [I'm hoping in your case] Dolby-3 for simulating rear surrounds when there are only three front speakers. Make sure these modes are disengaged.

Try disconnecting the analogue connections from your DVD player and make sure the display on the receiver actually has an indication of DD, Dolby Digital or AC-3.

Maybe the rear channel amps are blown. Put your ear close to the tweater, with nothing playing. Do you hear a slight hiss? You should.

One last tip: try connecting the sub to the center channel pre-amp out. If it's still too quiet, it may be the sub.

Hope this helps...

Its a 1997 model,there is no setup button to press on the remote or the reciever even on the flip down panel.Sadly I dont have the manual I never got it, I bought this reciever as an open box sale, but anyways I cannot find anyway to setup anything except digital input assinment.Its Not my subwoofer because I tried it on another reciever(Yamaha rxv-995)and it fired up loudly.

I am starting to think I should replace it even for a Kenwood THX(vr-7080), No Test Tones, No Speaker Size(bass management), No Delay Timimg, No Speaker Level Adjustment, The List Goes On....
My amps arent blown because they are working but oi have to put my ear riht to the speakers to heard it if i have them both 2 inches from my ears it sounds goos but thats not the best way to watch a movie.

Sorry for all the typos.;)I think(mostly because the forum with 1200 posts)im gonna buy a vr-6070.
As long as its good with music

Hey I have recently installed two 10 inch JL Audio subwoofers in my car. There is a stock subwoofer in the back also and when I start to turn up the volume that stock sub starts rattling and putting out a horrible sound. Im thinking it might be blown. Does ANYONE know how i can go about disconnecting it?
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