Record player to amp.


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Greetings all,

pardon the ignorance, but figured you could point me in the right direction.

I have a Sony HCD-MD,

I have a Tape and Antenna in and out.

I figured i could run my record player through Tape, but am not having much luck? My system does not have phono.

Any idea's?

thanks in advance


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You need a phono pre-amp. Through RCAs, they connect to the turntable and then to an input on your receiver/pre-amp. You can do a google search for them to find one that suits your tastes and price point. They range from dirt cheap to insanely expensive. I've seen them range from $25 - $25,000. For a well built and good sounding one, around $100 seems to be the minimum place to start. If you've got good sounding equipment and are serious about listening to vinyl, a good phono pre-amp is just as important as anything else - the table, cartridge, etc. If vinyl is isn't a big priority, just about anything will work. For some people, a $25 pre-amp is all they really need.

If you don't have a local hifi shop that is knowledgable in the subject, check out They're very good with answering questions and helping with the process.

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This is really a question for the Phono thread, but anyway...

You cannot run an ordinary turntable directly into a line-level input such as Tape, CD, Aux or Tuner. You need either a dedicated Phono input or an external Phono Stage (another box) which you then plug into a standard line level input. Why is this?

The output signal of your typical line level source such as a CD player is around 2 volts. A turntable's output varies between 2.5mV to 0.2mV, in other words between 1000 and 10000 times smaller than a typical line level source. In addition to that, the turntable signal has been compressed to fit into a vinyl groove, so bass signals are very small in comparison to treble signals. A phono stage decompresses the signals as well as boosting it to line level or thereabouts. In practice, most phono stages only boost it to half as loud as a line level source simply to avoid too much noise in the system.

There are a very few turntables which have a built-in phono stage but these are few and far between. Most turntables do not do this (and the arguments for or against all have their points). If yours is one of the 99%, then you need a phono stage.

Phono stages (aka phono preamps) start at about $30 for something like the TC-750 from One I rate would be Pro-ject's Phono Box for about $90.


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Greetings Stu and frank,

cheers for the reply.

Firstly frank, i managed to run it through tape, however vol. output is very low. After some research i figured out i was in need of a p. pre-amp. Made a few calls and have located one which i'll pick up tomorrow. (Cheers for the rough quote frank).

I'm guessing this should fix my problem.

Anyway, it's pretty late in Sydney, and i'm half pissed! thanks for your help fella's, hopefully wont be hearing from me again.


Bon ('80)

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Why not, Bon?
Let us know how you make out, over in Phono.
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