What speakers for a HK 525


Dear Legends of Sound!!!
I am in the Hunt for a HK 525, and would like some advice as to what speakers should go with it? I want to keep the speakers under $1000. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks

Hi Elbarno,

Are you looking for a 5.config, 7.1 config, higher-end stereo pair? Do you have a sub or any speakers now?

Let us know and we'll try and help.



I have 2 modes of thought:
a) get decent 5.1 setup
b) get a slightly cheaper 7.1 set up.

At this stage I don't have any speakers, and would be looking at surround sound over higher end stereo.

2 Elbarno,
I have the klipsh reference 3 system and I'll say man these are bad!! Sleek, capturing sound, and great POWER HANDLING. Can't beat those horns. I used to be a big fan of infinity & jbl, now I'm a big klipsh follower. The systm. complete w/ctr(RC3II), flrs(RF3II), rears(RS3II), and a sub(KSW12). Will run you a little over $1000 about $1400 if you can find a great deal on the net.After hearing them, you will know where that extra money went. Hope I helped.

I recently heard the H/K 525 playing the JM Lab Sib & Cub system and it appeared to be a great match. The sound was really great and the system has a MSRP of $1195. With a little looking, you should be able to keep the cost under $1K. The Klipsch should also be a good match as the warm sound of the H/K will temper any brightness of the speakers.

Energy Take 5.2 system is great. I have with Hk 320 receiver. Love it.

i there
i´m looking for the best price for an HK-AT115SUB!? Can i get any info here!?
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