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I have been using an NAD370 and recently purchased an NAD270. I am having difficulty bridging them. I have set the 370 to "bridge mode" and have connected the speaker wires to R+ and L+ on the 270 and 370. When I turn them both on, I am only hearing one speaker (the one that is connected to the 270). Can someone tell me what I am probably doing wrong??? Thanks!!!!

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You may well have the answer to your question by now but I went through the same process with my 272/370 and found it very difficult to get the right answer and had the same situation in one speaker output only.
The connection to the speakers is straight forward as per the manual but the connect between the two amps ended up being as follows:

Connect Fixed in Left 270 to Preout 1 Right 370.
Connect Preout 1 left and main in left of 370.
Main in right of 370 should be open
Preout 2 left and right of 370 should be open.

Ensure Bridge, Soft Clipping on in both amps and input select (fixed) on 270 is on.

I was curious to hear what bridging mode was like but because it was in a medium size room it didn't do a hell of a lot for me.

I now run my 542 into the 370 into my Paradigms and I don't need to experiment any further, sound is just great. I am using both A/B speakers on 370 in bi amp mode.

I currently use the 272 in my other system to drive my db dynamics fronts off the HK 630.This is a bit of overkill so I will experiment further when I have time.

Hope this helps.
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