Onkyo SR600 great for movies, not great for music, Thinking Marantz, Denon, Integra...??


I have the Onkyo SR600 with Paradim's, Monitor 7's for mains. Anyone know which Receiver would give a warmer, richer, fuller sound than the Onkyo I have. Denon 1803, Marantz 5300, 6300 or whatever??

Phil Krewer
How much do you want to spend?


I don't want ot spend much more than US$550 - $650 on a Receiver.

Phil Krewer
Hey Ivan,

In that price range there are probably several option depending on what your ears like. You could go to a SR700. To me the difference between the 600 and the 800 was night and day. The 700 should be some where in the middle. The Integra receivers are going to sound pretty much like the Onkyos. The Yamaha RX-V1300 would also be in the upper level of your price range if you got a good deal. The Denon 2803 just came out so there will probably be discounts on the 2802 or for the upper level of your price range you could find a 3802 or the 1082 equivalent. If you buy online you could probably find a HK AVR-325 or you'd be close to the on line price of a 525. I haven't heard any of the Marantz line so I can't comment. These are the receivers that I would be looking at for what you want to spend. I hope this helps.


Give the 1803 a listen. I own it up until I listened to it, I was one of those guys who thought all amps sounded the same (below clipping) - Very nice sound. The Onkyo is a very good receiver though.

Remember to trust your ears on this one.
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