Is this a good idea - old Marantz/new Speakers?


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I'm looking to upgrade my system but until the money tree grows I'm wondering if a temporizing measure may be appropriate. I have a 30 year old Marantz 2220B - 25wpc mated to some AVID speakers. I'm thinking of getting some B&W 601 S3 speakers and just using them with the marantz until I can purchase a new amp - thinking about the Rotel RA1062. Does this make sense? Should I just wait and get the amp and new speakers at the same time?
Will the Marantz do these speakers justice?

Thanks for your help!

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That Marantz is a very good receiver. My father has one that I've been trying to con from him for years, and he won't part with it. Its a pretty strong amplifier and the 601s aren't a very difficult speaker, so I don't see too many problems.

Obviously their is going to be some variation in the condition of anything that age, so I don't know what condition your's is in. I suggest bringing it to the store and hooking it up to the speakers. Most dealers will let you do this is you ask. If you do that, you'll know if your receiver will do it justice or not.

Also, have you heard the 1062? It's a good intergated amp, but it sounds very different from your Marantz. Relatively speaking, the 2220B sounds laid back and warm, whereas the Rotel sounds bright and forward. Both are good, but different.

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Thanks for the advice Stu - very helpful
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