Onkyo TXSR 600 vs HK AVR 325


Paul B.
I'm planning on getting a home theatre system today - probably the Athena Point 5 speaker system. I'm choosing between the Onkyo 600 and the HK 325 receiver. I'll save $100 by going with the Onkyo - money is important - and this system is as much as I can afford - but for something that (hopefully) will last me awhile I'll spend the extra 100 if the HK is the better choice. Any opinions and thought are helpful. I've heard about the LFE problems with the Onkyo 500 - is the problem limited to that model?

Also, presently, I'll be using a 5.1 speaker setup. Thanks.


I was auditioning between those two choices as well, and although your ears will determine whether the H/K is worth the extra 100 bucks to YOU, I think you should seriously consider it. I went with the 325 and I found that the overall quality of build and components used on the H/K are a big head over the onkyos. The Onkyo is a 6.1 channel amp whereas the 325 is 7.1 making it ready for any future format even though youre only using 5.1 for now. And just take a look at the closeups of the backs on Crutchfield.com and you will see the overall flexibility of the H/K is much better. Abus compatibility, 8 channel preouts, mutizone including a second remote for the second zone. The main remote even has an SPL meter built in to it to help calibrate your system!

Also, dont be fooled by the conservative wattage rating. I have seen this amp put other amps rated at 100 watts RMS/channel to shame. Trust me, this thing is a tank of a receiver.

Good luck

Paul B

Thanks for the post and the opinion. I had thought I was going Onkyo, then One Call had some refurbished 325s at a great price that brought it into my price range (I could get a refurbished 325 in place of the 600 in the system I'm buying or get a refurbished 600 and save $100) - Athena Point 5 speaker system and refurbed HK AVR325 for $926. My old (20yrs) stereo receiver was an HK and I always liked its sound and power, then read some good things about the 325 on these boards - including a lot of praise for its 2 channel sound with music. After your post I went to HK's website where they have a great little flash piece on the SPL function of the remote - awsome! So I finally took the plunge - its going to be HK! I've also heard that the Athena's, like a lot of sats, are a tad forward or bright in sound - which may combine nicely with the warmth of the HK receiver.

You might want to see if the HK still has some kinda warranty if its refurbished. Just to be on the safe side.

Paul B

One of the other things that sold me on the refurbed HK was that it came with a 2 year warranty - same as the new (One Call is also an authorized dealer) - the refurbished Onkyo had only a 1 year warranty instead of the 2years a new one comes with. I also purchased on my ATT universal card visa which doubles the warranty period of anything you buy (it has saved my butt with a couple computer purchases) - so I'm covered for 4 years!

Go for it bro, and let us know how it sounds when its all set up!

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