How to tell if your receiver is defective?


Hi all. I recently purchased the Sony DA1ES along with the Sony 535 speaker system and I have mixed opinions about this receiver. First off, I'm comparing my experiences of the 1ES with my old Sony home theater package that I purchased 3yrs. ago. When watching TV, such as the Tonight Show, you would hear the typicals sounds come from their appropiate speakers (Conversation from Center, Audience laughter from Rears, etc.)on my old receiver. When I connected this new receiver, I didn't get that. I began to adjust sound levels, etc., but didn't notice a difference. Not only did this rarely work, but dialogue would even come from different channels, such as my Left Rear Speaker, etc. 2 days later, it miraculously worked, without me even touching it! Either I'm gifted, or this receiver is defective. I'm wondering if there's a certain reason as to why I must 'play' with my receiver just to get the sound working correctly, even though my old receiver that was as basic as can be, worked fine! My set-up in my room is as follows:

TV: Sony 27" Wega (3yrs. old)
DVD Plyr: Denon 1600
Receiver: Sony STR-DA1ES
Speakers: Sony SA-VE535H

Any advice here would be much more appreciative than the advice the commission hungry fools from Good Guys gave to me last night. My solution, according to them, is to spend more money!Thank you very, very much!

PS: I don't have this problem with my DVD because it's connected with a digital cable.

Greg Lee
The only thing that occurs to me is an intermittant contact on the RCA left/right cables connecting the receiver to the TV (assuming that's how you have it hooked up). If it does it again, try twisting the RCA connectors clockwise and counterclockwise a little. If that fixes it, that was the problem.
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