HK AVR525z or AVR325z


I'm getting ready to pull the trigger. I noticed that OneCall has the HK AVR525z for $499 and the AVR325z for $399 plus approximately $28 shipping on both. They also have the same units for $799 and $549 shipped respectively. I have a couple of questions. OneCall is an authorized dealer of HK, does anyone think I would be taking a risk purchasing refurb units from them? Secondly, I'm interested in 75/25 music to HT. Would there be a significant difference between the two in this regard?


Phil Krewer

You need to talk to H1pst3r as he is the most knowledgable HK man here. Just ask for him by name. If you are thinking Refurb then I'd also check out harmanaudio on ebay. A lot of refurb products don't carry the same warranty but the ones at Harmanaudio have the full warranty. I'm not sure if they have a 325/525 up for auction. Having said that there have been many people who have bought from one call and are very happy.


Ok, now I'm tossing around the Sony DA4ES along with the HK 525. Again, 2 channel music is a priority. I found a really good deal on it.

Decisions, decisions........



Defintely check out what Phil says when he recommends the Harman direct store. I think I saw yesterday that they have the same deal as Oncall, but you can get an extended warranty from them. As for a difference in sound quality between the 325 and 525 it's close to nil.

You get a bit more power with the 525, but feature-wise they are basically the same. the only diffence that swayed me to the 525 was the digital bass management for the multi-channel preinputs. I felt that it was worth the money to be able to forego having to buy an Outlaw ICBM ($250) to handle the bass management when listening to DVD-A, and SACD.

Do I use it, yes, all the time. If you're not inclined to move into multi-channel digiMusic, then save the few bucks and get the 325, you're not sacrificing anyting in terms of sonic quality...but at only $100 difference, were I in your poistion, I'd get the 525...heck, I did even when the difference was more than that.

The Sony ES line is nice and if you can get a deal then jump...but as I'd counsel almost anyone who is agonizing...go to local store and put your ears to the test. Then go home log on and save a bundle! Also places like Crutchfield have free return shipping if you're not pleased...a great way to experiment if Circuit City or Tweeter isn't down the street.

Good luck and post any other questions if you're curious,


I too am considering the Sony DA4ES and HK525.

Where did you find a great deal on the 4ES? Can you email me the details?



Larry L
Would I notice the power difference between the AVR 525 and AVR 325? Most sales people I have talked with tell me I never would miss the 20 watts difference. I have a 14 x 20 room with Onkyo surround speakers (100w rated) and sub woofer (150 watt rated). Any quakity difference in the sound?
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