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I unfortunately bought a Bose 3-2-1 system about a year and am going increasingly unhappy with the sound of CDs. Movies sound decent, however Cds seem dull, lack the highs and lows. Can anyone recommend anything to make CDs sound better...add an amp, add speakers somehow?

Remind me to never buy an integrated system again.


If you want to go separates, post your budget, and I can recommend components for you. You can get something better for under thousand, especially on used market (, or
The Boses have clear sound, but sounds like it's missing something for music. You can get speakers that sound better like axiom rt-3v from If you wanted to add them to your present system, you probably have to goto a Radio Shack and get new cables - hopefully they can help you with which one. You would have to explain the shape of the cables clearly - the connecting part, and you might have to splice a cable - easy job. Their expensive cables sound better. Hopefully this would help, but it seems like your ear has out developed the Bose system, in which case you would have to goto separates to get something which sounds better.
The best mini system for me is the Denon-mission system for $389. Goodguys have them, so check them out, if thay will do for you.
If not, than your ears are ready for the separates has recommended components by pros. English pound is about 1/2 of dollar ( 100 pound = 200 dollars roughly ) The sight is excellent place to go for reviews.
Hopefully this helps. I don't know if adding speakers to your present system will sound better, but you can try first, and then if you are still unsatisfied, you probably are ready for separates.
NAD makes good midfis - find a dealer on their sight and go hear them.
A good CD player makes a lot of difference. Sony DVPNS-500v is a dvd player which plays cds very well - $169 at It got good reviews from the pros. Comparable to $500 NAD CD player.
If you are stil un-satisfied with NAD, than you are in to spending over thousand to find your sonic haven. I would research and hear many systems before buying. You can spend a lot and not get what you want. High end stuff are way over priced, so you would have to choose wisely. There are components that sound good at reasonable costs. Some components match better than others. If the Denon system doesn't satisfy you, you just started on an expensive hobby.

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The only good system similar to that one is the far cheaper Denon M71.

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