Pio 1014 as Pre/Pro with External Amp with Missions


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I am looking for suggestions as I am looking to use the 1014's pre-outs for the front 3 speakers in my 5.1. However since the 1014 does not have a 12v trigger I am very concerned on how to ensure the power to the external amplifier is turned on and off the easiest way possible. Budget is 1,500 max.

I have some Mission 771's(soon to be 773e's) for front left and right plus the matching 77c for the center. The 771's are being "bi-amped" using the Pioneer option for the surround back speakers. I know the limitation of this form of biamping however I figure it can't hurt.

I am looking to use the pre-outs on the 1014 to power the front 3 speakers thus require an external amplifier. If possible I would like to continue to bi-amp (again using the Pioneer's bi-amping option which I hope applies to the pre-outs!) therefore I would need 5 channels. However if somebody can confirm I will be wasting time with this form of bi-amping I will look for a 3 channel or 3 mono blocks instead.

For 5 channel amps I was looking at the B&K, Outlaw, Parasound, Anthem, Marantz (all new and used). On the other side I have considered buying some Marantz MA500 or MA700 as well as the Outlaw 2000/2200. I think I like the Outlaw simply because it has an audio trigger to turn the power on.

So in summary I want more power and:

1. Must be easy logistically to turn or my wife wont approve
2. 5 channel vs 3 channel/mono and (depeding on bi-amping)
3. sound quality with the Mission speakers

I applaude you if you have made it through this post...thanks.
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