Yamaha RX-V3300


I've been doing research on receivers for the last month and I've narrowed it down to the 3300, the Denon 3803 and the Onkyo 800. The next step is for me to take these puppies home and test them out with my Signet speakers (circa 1993.) I've read tons of feedback on the Denon and the Onkyo but there hasn't been as much said about the 3300. I'm really interested in both positive and negative experiences people are having with this unit. I'm aware that one of the drawbacks is the fixed crossover point, any others??? How similar is this sonically with the RX-Z1??

Anyone-- How bout the 2300??

I've owned and home demo'd the 2300, 3300, and Z1!

The 3300 is really nice, and the DSP's are far superior to the 2300 (which is also a nice unit).

the 3300 is very similar to the z1, but the z1 has a little more proccessing power, better internal construction, and bigger caps I believe.

You would be just fine with the 3300. It is a rock stable unit and is designed to be played hard and loud for 24/7.

The sound quality is very good! The z1 has a couple little area's that sound slightly better, but the 3300 is close enough.

Any other questions, email me at: sound@mbmania.com


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