Rotel or Denon w/ Klipsch


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Newbie here, buying all new system, and it has been years, so I am an A/V idiot mostly. I am buying Klipsch RF7 front/center/sub, but due to room configuration and limitations for rears (7.1), I am going with KEF (the ones which drop down) for rears. I have been assured by numerous sources on watching movies that the two speaker differences won't clash (thoughts anyone?). My main question is this. I had always thought I was set on the Denon 3805 (though I am at least exploring the 5803), but lately my research is leading me to Rotel. Anyone have thoughts on the two, and more importantly, which will sound better with the big Klipsch I am set on? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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Denon might have better current for transients

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Why might the Denon have better current? Denon receivers rate well below their stated power output capabilities, while Rotel rates at or above what they state.

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Rotel receivers have much better power supplies than Denon. I do not like the Denon/Klipsch combination at all as the Denon is too thin sounding for Klipsch. Try Marantz, Elite or H/K. These are warm sounding and balance the brightness of the Klipsch which to my ears are very,very bright and fatiguing unless driven by a warm amp. Rotel's are great but not on the warm side either.
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