NAD C352 one channel weak at very low volume


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Hi. I am a happy new owner of a C352 (+C542), and listening is much joy.

One question: When I am listening at very low volume, I think the right channel is louder than the left? (more noticeable with headphones).

No problem when I'm listening at higher volumes, the left channel steps up; but it is normal (my dealer said so)?

Sorry for this newbie question/my English. Thanks in advance for hints.


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I don't know about the 352; I own a 320BEE and an older 304, and they both have done this since the day I bought them. I've heard others mention this as well, so I'm assuming it's a normal thing. When I'm listening at a very low level, I adjust the balance and it works out fine for me.

I think your dealer was being honest and not trying to shut you up.

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I am having a not-so-similar issue since last night. The CD terminal is having issue. I had my CD player connected to it and all of a sudden the RIGHT channel started sounding low. Intitially I thought it was the player. But then I changed players, interconnects and finally switched to DISC and the sound was alright. Putting the connection back to CD, I found the same issue. I have switched OFF the amp and my system. Will go home after work and start all over again. If the sound is not good, then I will talk to the dealer to get it repaired, as the amp is still under warranty.

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Thanks Stu and milpai for answering.

Stu, your answer gives me relief. Much appreciated. I didn't notice a problem at the dealer, but we listened at higher level of course.

Most of you will have more demanding loudspeakers then I do. My Mission70 (>15years old, still nice) will be replaced sooner or later.

Loudspeaker tips for my NAD -- and my Mission hearing habits?

Milpai, the weak channel at low volumes was apparent since I bought it. With your post in mind, I tried switching from 'cd' to 'disc', but no change: it's still the right channel that appears louder. When I am listening at medium level, the left channel is ok. So I think your issue is different from mine, but I am not a technician. Good luck.

Thanks again.

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The volume control pot is probably mistracking. It's a common problem for most low to mid priced equipment, and some pricey stuff also. Beneath the 9 O'Clock position channel to channel tracking just isn't very good on some pots. If you have a service shop available to you, have them check the tracking on the volume control. Most vc's used in NAD should track within 3db or less between channels. If the unit shows more deviation than that, NAD should be notified. Otherwise the proper fix for this is the reason there is a balance control on the amplifier.


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acupoftea, here is more finding from my last night listening. If I leave the cd player on at the CD input and use another cd player at any other input (DISC, TUNER, AUX, VIDEO, etc), the right channel sound from the CD input leaks in right channels of these inputs. Left channel is fine. I guess, I need to send my amp for repair to NAD.

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Jan, thanks for the insights. I'll use the balance.

Milind: No, I cannot reproduce it here with two cd players; no leaking at any reasonable volumes. At least to me, this sounds like you should get it repaired under warrenty.

Thanks again. Great forum.

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acupoftea, something strange happened. I read in one forums that keeping the amp on for extended periods improves the sound quality. I kept it on the entire weekend and now I find that the right-side weak channel issue is gone. I dunno what happened. But no complaints :-)
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