Denon 2802 volume issues


Jeff J
I recently purchased the Denon 2802 and currently only have two Bose 301 speakers hooked up. I have surround speakers for it and am in the process of purchasing a center channel and sub. It seems to me that I have to turn the volume a good bit to get the volume where I want for watching tv/movies. The volume starts at -70db and I watch around -20db to -10db(well more than half way up. My question is will this problem be solved when I hook up my other speakers or do you think this is a hook-up issue? Any advice is welcome.

Greg Lee
Why is it a problem? From what you say, you can turn it up as loud as you need to have it.

It would it some way depend on whether the "other speakers" are the same or different from the ones in use now.

That is, if the other speakers are the same as the ones presently connected, then no, the relative volume to the db-readout will be the same.

If the "other speakers" are different and perhaps more efficient, then yes, you will have louder volume at the same db-readout value.

In any event, it's not a connection issue, and isn't really a problem at all. If it's not loud *enough* for you, then maybe try another receiver (with more power) or new, more efficient speakers. If it's simply the fact that you think you have to turn the volume knob up really high, I wouldn't worry. Does the sound distort at the listening level you'd like to have?


Jeff J
Both of you are right, it really isn't a problem. It's just me worrying about something trivial. The Denon is a much better piece of equipment than I have ever had before and I didn't know what to expect. It does sound amazing.

Jeff - Not to beat a dead horse, but I have a Denon with Klipsch (efficient) speakers and my volume starts at around -80db. I don't hear faint sound until about approx it does seem to be a function of the speaker/amplifier combination. As long as you don't hear any distortion, there shouldn't be a problem.

BTW...How do you like the 2802, what made you decide to buy it over the impending 2803?

Jeff J
CT - Now that I have all the settings the way I want them I am very pleased. The sound is incredible and I couldn't be happier. I opted for the 2802 because after shopping around I got a great deal.

Lets explain Denon's volume indication. Those numbers are Decibels (dB), a favorite number for audio comparison. Each time you change the Denon's volume indicator by THREE dB you have made a TWO times POWER difference. When you good folk talk of "Half," keep in mind that literally going from -20 to -23 is HALF the power. Or...moving from -20 to -17 produces TWICE the power. 10dB is a factor of TEN times the power. As GREG LEE says, Why is the number a problem? MINUS 20 (-20dB) is a very typical LOUD listening level. Be careful above -20 as it would require 10 TIMES that power for -10 and ONE HUNDRED TIMES THE POWER (10 x 10) to go to "Zero."
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