Is it possible to bi-amp using two NAD c352?


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I hope i can solicit some advice from any of you. My budget is very limited, but after scrimping all my savings for some needed and overdue upgrade, i decided to buy NAD c352 to drive a pair of b&w 602 s3 or 603 s3 or jbl northridge e80 or paradigm monitor 7 that im planning to buy, too. The loudspeakers are to replace my sony and an old bookshelf polks fronts (shame on me, i use either one at a time of course) and for duty role of 40% music (jazz, rock, mellow, pop) and 60% home theater. For HT i will drive them with my existing Yamaha RXV795a, but for stereo music, i'm planning to drive them with NAD.

My questions is this, is it possible to wire my fronts so that i can drive them with both Yamaha and NAD? Of course, i will not use both at the same time.

Second, I went with NAD c352 (since its the only NAD model at my place and some of my friends use NAD and i love their sound) hoping that someday, sigh, I can buy another c352 and bi-amp my fronts by using the second pre-out of the first c352 to connect to the power amp of the second c352, is this correct bi-amping? By the way, I also checked Harman Kardon hk3480, i also liked it especially of it's 2 speaker terminals and more power and cool blue lights :> but it only have 1 pre-out so i figured i may not be able to bi-amp two hk3480 later on, am I right? Or can I also bi-amp using two hk3480? I have already read in this forums the NAD bi-amp thing with two c352 but everyone suggested different models of NAD. I'm hoping to use only these models since they are cheaper and available, i don't think i need better NAD models right now or later.

Im also planning to attach my sub to the second pre-out of the first c352 while attached to my Yamaha. Then when i finally buy the second c352 then i will transfer the sub to the preout of this second c352. Is it correct?

And last, is it possible to get the unimproved c352, since i understand from this forum that the original c352 have some improvements made but its still named c352 and c352ct for titanium finish? I'm hoping to get the improved version of course so im hoping any of you guys can point me what to look for so that i may know that the unit i'm buying is of the improved version, something like, serial numbers or date of manufacture maybe?

Thanks for taking time to read this very very long post.
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