What amp for my HK AVR 630?


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Hi guys, this is not necessarily a question of "needing" more power. While my receivers specs say 75 wpc, it still seems to be more than other 100wpc receivers I have owned and auditioned. From what I understand this is the way HK rates their power as opposed to the company's who "pad" their ratings with caveats. When the HK says 75 wpc, they mean it with all channels running at the same time!

It is set up to do 7.1, but right now due to waf and content availability, I stick with 5.1. My fr, fl, rs, and ls are all "mains" however, and the front two especially can soak up the power (Polk RTi10s). More I think than what they are currently getting (although "not bad").

My wife will be away for a business trip soon, and I was going to use that time to sneak in one more component. I would prefer to keep it within 1k, if I can get "more power" than I have now. I also hear that it is possible to use the unused channels to bi-amp, and this might also be good (ie 150 watts going to fl and fr) but I do not know the proper settings. It cannot be as simple as just removing the bridge and hooking them up to the separated posts can it? I assume you have to set the channel powering the highs to "small" and the one going to the lows "large"? Cheers, and thanks in advance for any help!

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yup, it's just that simple.
Add another wire run and you're good to go.

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Thanks Nuck! Now these posts are either to run a seperate room, or as the other two channels between 5.1 and 7.1... does that not effect the signal going to them? Or is it simply a matter of power?

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Michael, I have the HK 335. I had thought about bi-amping the mains using the spare set (i only have it at 5.1 now), but after carefully thinking about it, the 335 cannot group the zone 2 channels (spare one) to be driven like part of the main channels. As a result, the zone 2 hooked up to the main channel will be driving "effects" sound, not FR / FL sound. Am not sure if the 630 is set up similarly but this is the case for the 335. I am actually considering getting an amp for the mains and use the receiver fr/fl pre-outs to drive the mains...
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