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Greetings, I'm new here and searching for an answer to my question. I am a college student on a limited budget, I want to upgrade my stereo system. I don't watch movies at all, and only desire the unit to listen to music. I've studied the reciever market and narrowed the search to the HK3480 as my choice if I were to purchase one, and seeing as sells them for $262 it's hard not to go that direction. then I read a review about someone decided to go with a NAD intergrated amp instead, and I was introduced to the world of so called 'High end'. After glancing at several $2000+ range stereo amps, I decided if I buy a new system I can't afford much more than a reciever. But then, looking around on ebay I found some vintage, used, and just old 'intergrated amps' so my question is this, would I be better off with a new HK3480 or a used high-end intergrated stereo amp. I already have speakers, I have a set of DCM 12A (12 inch woofer, 6.5 mid, plus a 3 tweeter, floor speaker) that I picked up when I worked at circuit city, they are rated at peek 500W each, and my old skool Onkyo TX-2500 distorts them on the higher volume levels. I assume this is largely from a lack of power to push them. Any advice?

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You have posed a good query, similar to one I posted last summer. If radio is important to you and if having something newer rather than vintage, than the HK is a nice unit. Have you heard one, however? Folks will have all sorts of opinions, but it comes down to what you like. And there are other options in addition to the HK.

Now, if you are interested in a vintage integrated amp (it sounds as though you have eliminated the NAD---I listened to a couple of NADs, too, and could never warm up to the sound--- then you may be better served by a vintage integrated amp.

That's the route I took, and I ended up making a Sansu AU-717 the heart of my music system, along with a pair of JBL 120 Ti speakers.

Before you take the plunge, you might want to check out There is all sorts of information there on vintage gear. I would also suggest you check out for information as well.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the quest. There will always be gear that is better and worse than what you end up with.


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The 3480 is a solid unit, plus you get a tuner built in. For $262 I'd say go for it. Worry about the $2000+ amps after you finish school and have some money to burn ;) I'd also look at a speaker upgrade next...
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