Help! design my system please?


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I am a novice and have recently become very confused with all of the info. I just want a good decent system. Recently bought a Yamaha RXV2500 amp and am trying to match up some speakers for both audio and home theatre.

I have a fairly large room 20 X 27 with 8ft ceilings.

My wife wants only speakers that can be hidden in the ceiling. Does not like stand alones.

What and how many speakers?
What surround speakers?
What about a sub woofer?
What about a power conditioner? Is this necessary?

Also have two other rooms that need speakers and zone coverage? Do I need a speaker selector system? I f so which one?

what about remote control system?

I know this is a lot! but thanks you for the help. I am truly lost!

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Speakers in the ceiling are alright for ambient sound, but very poor for the more directional sound required for serious music listening and movies. The sound cascading down from overhead does little for the acoustic cues that are embedded in movie soundtracks and surround or directional music.

Ideally your speakers should be at ear level, whether in-wall, towers, or bookshelf speakers on stands.

If your receiver doesn't have multi-room capability you need to buy a multi-room speaker selector from a company such as Niles.

Depending on your speaker budget there are various in-wall speakers of good quality. While most aren't as optimal as the same priced bookshelf or tower speakers, there are some excellent ones. In the main room for surround sound and movie watching you could compromise with your wife and use in-wall speakers. While there are in-wall subwoofers, it would be best to buy a self-powered separate subwoofer and see if it performs well in an unobtrusive area.

In the other rooms you could use in-ceiling speakers, particularly if they are to be used to just listen to music casually.

Without knowing your budget it is impossible to make any recommendations. Also, if your wife isn't flexible on the speakers in the main room it will also be difficult to make good recommendations.

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I have tried to narrow this down a little and would appreciate the advice.

I am planning on going with a yamaha RXV2500 receiver and Samsung 61 DLP.
The speakers are still kind of up in the air
Am looking at Polk audio LC801 In ceiling aimaable speakers. This kind o helps out with the wife situation. We have agreed on having a stand alone sub woofer
Am also trying to price some pardigm speakers or ifinity speakers. Not sure which of the three would match up best with the receiver. I could use some advice there.

My budget for evrything else besides the tv and amp is about $4000.

The Yamaha does come with a 2 zones. The Niles that has been quoted to me exceeds my budget so would I need to go with a speaker selector if I have more than 2 zones? if so what would you recommend.

I have heard that matching up speakers is key and have read some useful info.

Can you respond to the need for a console power conditioner and remote?

Thank you very much

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Your budget of $4,000.00 could buy the following items:

1. Sherwood Newcastle P-965 and A-965 1050 watt amp and pre/pro/tuner. Plenty of power, decodes everything, and 2-room use.

2. RBHSound Inwall Speaker System with in-wall speakers and in-wall subwoofer. A killer sound system. Their aluminum drivers are far better than the paper, poly-plastic, or fiberglass speakers on the market.

Not only can you maintin your budget but this system is better than any you've mentioned (IMHO). See the URLS below.

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