Marantz 9300 Vrs Rotel 1065


I am looking at getting a reciever for HT and Music. I have narowed it down to these two, in the end they will cost me the same, because if I go the rotel route I will have to buy another amp and remote. What is better for music and what one is better for movies?

Does anybody have any advice on which woulc be the best reciever the Rotel 1065 or the Marantz 9200?

Sorry I cannot help much, but I just returned my Marantz 7300ose and bought a Rotel 1055. The sound of Rotel is warmer, fuller and more musical. Surround is a bit more involved, DTS is equally good or even better, multichannel mode has many more modes. Remote is much more advanced and not so easy to use, but it has many functions.

I have not heard the SR9200 so cannot really express an opinion. But I understand the 1055 is not much different than the 1065. I you care about listening to music more than watching movies you should definetely listen to 1065. I believe its price is much better. By the way there will be a SR9300 out in the market in about 1 month with a list price of $3200.

Cheers, HA

Thanks for your help, I think that 1055 would be better than the 7300, and even give the 8200 a run for the money.

Anyone had problems with Marantz SR-18?
Mine just cost me dearly to repair 3 output sections
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