Sony SAWM-40 Subwoofer


John Raymond
Is this not the perfect sub to upgrade to any HTIB or system? where else can you get a sub that goes to 20 MHZ with a 12" woofer and still under 200.00. I have 2 of these and love them...

I have never heard of a sub that goes to 20 MHz... lol

I will have to look into it and see if I can convince my wife we need it. If it is as good as you suggest, it should pair nicely with the ht-s650 I just got.

John Raymond
Oops make that to 20 Hz

John, I'am a novice at HTIB, but ok in elec.theory.My question is why do you need 2 subwoofers? Or do you have 2 setups ??

John Raymond
I have a large room (20 x 30) and use two subs to "fill" the room, however one does a nice job.

Just got this sub and I love it for the price. Couldn't beat it if you were Micheal Jackson.

I just returned this sub because I couldn't get it to go anywhere near 20 Hz. Even after stuffing it with polyfill like all the boards suggest, it just didn't go that low. Plus I found it horrible for music. Every bass note sounds the same and it is way to boomy IMHO. This is a decent cheap sub for HT, but falls way short for music.

So I put in an order for an SVS... Waiting for the UPS man to knock on my door.

i think its great for music, its sounds even, sure it cant hit deep lows but the boomier the better for music, music doesnt rumble eh.

Unregistered guest
It is a good sub for the price. I owned one for about a year. Then I upgraded to an HSU VTF2. Now that is a SUB. The Sony does not go down to 20hz like it suggests and it is boomy, especially for music. Nonetheless, it's a good entry level sub.

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I love the sound too - I actually like the smaller sa-wm200 more for $77.

It is boomy and the sound is not upscale (harsh), but you shouldn't hear a sub as a separate entity - then it's set too loud. It should just add warmth to the sound.

Used this way, together with a good bookshelf like Athena, it is mesmerising - I just love the boomy effects the amp section has - unlike any other sub i heard.

It's not audiophile sound, but I love it, and costs nothing. Recommended to sub 1k surround speakers, or mini systems.

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Try the new Fluance DB-150, this is one nice tight sub. This sub has exceeded all my expectations a sub should sound like. It has huge rubber surrounds and a oversized dust-cap, this thing can pound out those low notes without getting boomy. This sub works in all sized rooms, does not burp or bottom out when being pushed to the limits. So if you ever consider upgrading to something different, i reconmend this sub to anyone.

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so who can tell me about the specs of the 10" five sided polypropolene sub???
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