right channel is out


John Eliason
Unregistered guest
Help, my old reliable equipment seems to be breaking down. I've lost my right channel. Through process of elimination, it seems not to be the speaker, cable, or Adcom GTP-350 pre-amp but rather my Adcom GFA-535 amp. Whenever I play a CD or an FM station, I only get sound out of the right side, and whenever I shut down, the "high current power amplifier instantaneous distortion alert" light comes on (on my amp). I've played with switching the speaker cables from A to B, but that didn't help. I tried unhooking the pre-amp and running the CD player just hooked up to the amp (as I used to do in my pre pre-amp days), but the right side was still out entirely (no static, no popping, nothing). As you can tell, I'm at a loss at what to do next except buy a new amp or get this one repaired. I'm wondering, though, have I missed any crucial steps/connections/possible solutions? I'd be grateful for your help, if you can give any.

John in Philly
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