KENWOOD 6070 and processing 96kHz/24 bit


I have a Kenwood 6070 and a Sony DVD (DVP-NS755V). I have the Sony set up to output a 96 KHz/24 bit signal when present. I have tried a number of discs with such signals (Queen's DTS CD, Se7en) but have not been able to get the Kenwood's 96KHz/24 bit display panel light to activate. The Sony onscreen menu shows I'm outputting a 96 KHz signal. I have tried turning off DD and DTS processing on the Sony and switching to PCM and still don't see any difference. Anyone have any ideas?

Greg Lee
According to the manual, the 96/24 feature is for two channel LPCM. I don't have any CDs with 96/24 pcm tracks, so I haven't tested it. If the receiver were capable of full decoding of DTS 96/24 tracks, I guess this would be listed as a feature, so I assume it's not capable of this.


Rick Z
Interesting Greg. The Queen DTS CD I have (Night at the Opera) has a 2 channel 96/24 PCM stereo track which I can select and play. However, I really don't know what the reciever is doing as the 96/24 indicator never illuminates. The sound is fine but potentially it's being downconverted. It would be interesting to know if anyone owning this receiver has ever seen the indicator actually illuminate.
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