Bi-amping with a receiver


Has anyone ever tried to bi-amp with an AV receiver? My NAD has pre-outs so i think it would, in theory, work with my speakers which are bi-ampable.

My only hesitation is my receiver's manual says "Never connect speaker outputs and the speaker outputs of an external amplifier to the same speakers"

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Clarify please.
You have 2 amps currently in your possession, correct?

I am considering purchasing a second stereo amplifier, but for arguments sake, lets say yes i own a second amp with identical gain to my receiver

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I think he means he's got an amp in his receiver and a seperate amp and he wants to use both.

I'm curious myself...

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go here


Thanks however the article only covers biamping with 2 external amps, this i know how to do, my question is if the NAD sends equal signal to the preouts and amped outs, if so I'd like to use a seperate for the low freq, the AVR for the mids and high.

Has anyone tried this?

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No such luck, anon, you have to choose between line out and speaker level out, unless you are willing to open the cover.

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Keep it as simple as you can. No need to make it more complicated than it needs to be just because you think it may give an iota of benefit.

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Yea, "pre-outs" by definition send the signal out before it gets to the amp.
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